Skin Boosters

Injectable skin boosters are made from hyaluronic acid a naturally occurring substance already present in your body. It keeps skin plump and hydrated by naturally attracting and retaining over 1000 times its own weight in water.

Single treatment

from £300

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0-48 hours


Topical anaesthetic cream


Immediate, but best results seen after 7-14 days and continuing for up to 6 weeks

results duration

6-12 months

Similar to facial fillers, but skin boosters are more viscous so the runnier gel consistency can be easily distributed by the skin. They are delivered to the superficial layer of the skin, the epidermis, which allows the hyaluronic acid to bypass the skin’s barrier going directly to your skin cells to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin as well as providing moisture to treat fine lines, skin laxity, dull and dehydrated skin. Unlike facial fillers they do not shape or volumise the tissues.


Who are skin boosters suitable for?

Anyone looking for

• A natural enhancement.
• An all-over skin boost and glow.
• Tighter, smoother, plumper skin.
• A treatment to rejuvenate the hands, neck or décolletage.
• A treatment to target multiple fine lines without changing the shape or volume of your skin.
• A treatment to target fine lines for those who are unsuitable for anti-wrinkle injections.


At Skin Emporium our approach to skin boosters is, as always, a bespoke personalised service. During a thorough consultation, our medical director will discuss your medical history and lifestyle and craft a treatment plan based on your individual desired outcome.

As safety is our highest priority, You will only ever be injected by medical professionals (Doctor, Nurse, Dentist) fully qualified and experienced specialists, that not only have strong anatomical knowledge but have also undergone extensive aesthetic training meeting our rigorous standards of both technical excellence and visual artistry. It’s important to us that you feel safe and comfortable throughout your treatment as well as delighted by the results our passionate experts have created for you.

or call us on   0208 6171 121

Philippa S.

I had a filler treatment to my under eyes. As a busy mum I never get a full night’s sleep and my face was looking drawn and tired. I tried so many eye creams and eye masks that didn’t really help at all. I was nervous about getting fillers, but no one would ever know, I just look like I’ve actually had some sleep at last!!

Beth M.

The Skin Emporium clinic was recommended to me by a colleague. I have had several different treatments and have seen real changes, I will definitely keep coming back for more.

Maria B.

I travel across London to see these wonderful ladies, I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else! They are so kind and caring as well as being the best at what they do.

Natalie H.

I highly recommend Skin Emporium, for the way that they have looked after me and everything they have done for me. I have always struggled with problem skin, since having regular medical facials and using the products they recommended for me the difference has been very noticeable and looking back at photos before you wouldn’t believe it.

Lyander J.

Excellent service. From booking my initial consultation through to having my treatment I was made to feel welcome unlike some clinics I have been to before that treat you like an inconvenience. My skin looks great, tighter and like I did probably 5 years ago. It has really worked and given me amazing confidence.

Francisco A.

Always very friendly service and lovely clinic. I feel very comfortable throughout my appointments and aftercare advice advice has always been great. So nice to find a medical clinic that is not stuffy.

George C.

Quality treatments with a very professional service throughout. I am very happy with everything I have had done here at the clinic and would definitely recommend to anyone looking into these sorts of treatments. The medical staff all have years of experience, which was really important to me after a previous bad experience.


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