Are you looking for a treatment to freshen up your under eyes and give you that ’10 hour sleep’ look? If so, then you may be suitable for a rejuvenating tear trough filler treatment in Clapham.

Tear trough filler is one of the treatments we specialise in here at skin emporium and has fast become one of our most popular treatments.


 Who is suitable for a tear trough filler treatment? some of our incredible results HERE

Tear trough filler improves the appearance of the under eyes by replacing the lost volume with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. This smooths out the hollows under the eyes and gives the eyes a brighter and fresher appearance.  Tear trough filler is suitable for patients who have a visible hollow or groove under their eyes requiring volume replacement.

Tear trough hollows can be genetic and so some people may notice them very early on in life and would therefore be suitable for a tear trough filler treatment in their early twenties onwards.

Others can notice tear trough hollows developing due to a loss of facial volume thanks to the ageing process!

Because the under-eye area is heavily supported by the mid face (medial/front cheeks) suitable candidates must have sufficient volume in their mid-face to support any filler placed in the tear troughs. If patients have lost volume in their mid-face and do not have sufficient volume to support the tear troughs, then we would recommend a dermal filler treatment to their mid face in addition to treating the tear troughs.

Most people who have tear trough hollows due to ageing will also have a loss of volume to their mid face which is why we created a bespoke tear trough and mid face package to address both areas. This will result in a more natural and satisfactory outcome.

Tear trough filler is most suitable for people who have the following :

  • Hollow/groove under their eyes
  • Tight healthy skin
  • Sufficient volume in mid face (front cheeks)


Who is NOT suitable for tear trough filler?

Many patients come into the clinic wanting tear trough filler to improve their under eyes and sadly we must turn them away as they are not suitable candidates. There are several factors which would make someone an unsuitable candidate for tear trough filler, such as:

  • Puffy under eyes/ fluid retention
  • Very thin skin and no fat present
  • Excess loose skin
  • Fat herniation (eye bags)
  • Hyperpigmentation

 Tear trough fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance which is known for its ability to attract water.

Because of this, it is not suitable for people who are prone to fluid retention and puffiness under their eyes. Placing any filler here could exacerbate this issue making the under eyes appear puffier. If you are suffering with puffy eyes as well as hollows, we would recommend alternative treatments such as PRP.

If you have very thin skin with little fat present, then we would advise alternative treatments such as PRP with mirconeedling to thicken and plump up the skin which will improve the under eye area. Placing filler under skin that is very thin and weak with no fat at all present to support the filler can result in what is called the Tyndall effect. This is a rare phenomenon where the skin takes on a blueish tone because it is not thick enough to cover the filler.

Tear tough filler would not be suitable for someone with loose saggy skin under their eyes as there would not be enough support to hold the filler and  could lead to the appearance of bags under the eyes. Loose skin is best treated surgically.

Fat herniation is another presentation which would rule someone out as a suitable tear trough filler candidate. This is because the herniated fat would need to be removed before placing any filler under the eye as the filler could make the herniated fat appear worse. Fat herniation requires surgical removal after which the under eye could safely be treated with filler if required.

Hyperpigmentation underneath the eyes cannot be treated using dermal filler as the cause of hyperpigmentation is an over production of melanin. Under eye pigmentation is best treated using prescription topical creams or chemical peels. If you have hollows as well as hyperpigmentation, then it is possible to have a tear trough treatment to treat the hollows and then address the hyperpigmentation.


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