No, were not talking about the scary looking too-tight facelifts that some like to sport, more the split photos doing the rounds on social media showing the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz etc, 20 years apart- looking probably better in the second photos.


It may come as no surprise that these women who have access to the finest of everything, top personal chefs, exclusive trainers and dietitians, would also be privy to the best clinics and treatments, right? Well we’ll let you in on a little secret, there are also *gasp* normal people walking around in real life who have taken on the ageing battle and won. They look fresh, youthful, glowing and never, ever done.


So, what IS their secret? Have they stumbled upon a centuries old top secret youth elixir? Sold their soul the devil?! These are all great plots for the next fantasy series on Netflix but here, in reality, is what they have actually done to achieve this Benjamin Button phenomenon.


  1. They seek out experts


They haven’t tried to figure it out for themselves. When there’s an issue with your car, plumbing or electrics what do you do? You seek out a specialist expert over asking your friends or neighbours or trying to fix it yourself.

The explosion of social media platforms like Instagram has paved the way for everyone to have a voice and reach a much larger group of people. Whilst this can be a very positive thing, enabling people to communicate with others outside of their usual social networks, it also means anyone can claim to be anything without it being verified and put out information that may not be correct. There’s a lot of bloggers out there with the self-proclaimed title of ‘skin expert’ who may well have acquired a lot of great information on their own skin journey and testing out products but often it is only relevant to their own skin type and not applicable to the masses.

They also can’t advise on in clinic treatments which often require a thorough medical history to obtain suitability. Celebrities only trust their skin with certified experts, often medical practitioners, who have studied the skin and been practicing for years. We strongly advocate finding a clinic that specialises in skin treatments who can offer you a personalised plan to include products and treatments which are specially tailored to you and your skin type.


  1. They start early


They know that the most powerful weapon against ageing is prevention. This is why they start taking good care of their skin in their late teens/early twenties, using the no 1 most important product : SPF. Wearing SPF 50 or above every day before applying your make up is scientifically proven to protect your skin from the damaging rays of UVA &UVB which cause premature ageing. Certain clinical formulations also block out blue light and pollution which also accelerate the ageing process.

They also take action when they first see any signs of ageing such as lines and wrinkles, pigmentation or large pores before they become a major issue. A good analogy for this is waiting until you are severely overweight to try and join a gym versus working an exercise programme into your routine early on and maintaining a fit and healthy body. Taking care of your skin from an early age with the right products and intervening when you see any signs of ageing start to develop will save you from having to undergo any costly invasive procedures (such as face lifts etc) in the future.


  1. They know it’s a long game


So many people don’t take regular care of their skin and opt for ‘quick fixes’ that leave them disappointed and out of pocket. There is no quick fix for reversing the clock and celebs know this. As mentioned in point 2, they start young and therefore prevent things from becoming much harder to treat. They approach their skincare like they do their workouts; with regular, scheduled visits.

Keeping with this exercise analogy if you go to the gym once every 6 months you won’t have the same results as if you went 3 times per week. It’s the same way with your skin and celebs know this. You will see the best results if you have regular, preventative treatments and adopt a good at home routine. Looking youthful is a long game and if you want to look great when you are 60 you have to take action when you are 30. You also can’t do one treatment and then never do anything to your skin again, much like you can’t do one workout and then never go to the gym again!


So there you have it, that’s their secret! Much simpler than you thought and not involving any spells or magic.  If you are currently wading through the skincare jungle, lost without an expert to guide you , then book yourself in for a complimentary consultation to start you on your journey to VIP skin today.





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